The philosphy being pages is restricted to ..

  • php has a __destruct method classes, so during that process you can close any open tags

        class hello extends Controller {
            function index() {
                $p = new dvc\pages\bootstrap;
  • here there header has been closed (</head>), body has been opened (<body>), and a navbar has been written (<nav> ... </nav>)
    • the default navbar is app/views/navbar-default

                        print 'hello<br />';
  • here a primary area has been open in a 2 column layout (<<div data-role="content-primary">)

                        print 'secondary';
  • here a primary has been closed, secondary area has been opened in a 2 column layout (<<div data-role="content-secondary">)

  • the page closed automatically and a footer was added

Templates used

  • app/views/navbar-default.php
  • app/views/footer.php