DVC - Data View Controller

A Model-View-Controller read more at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Model-view-controller

DVC is an Application which uses the Model-View-Controller model


The Application established some global parameters and a connection to data


The Controller interprets the request from the Web, channeling the route to the program and interpretting GTE/POST parameters

Data (Model)

The controller will request any data, respecting the parameters it is given


For Example



[server]/[class]/[class function]/[parameter]
  • Server - we arrive here from the internet
  • Controller (class) - people - the Application understands the controller is the people controller and instantiates it
  • Sub-Controller (function) - edit - the Application understands the sub controller to call is edit and calls it against the instantiated controller
    • the the parameter 55

and this could look like


class people extends Controller {
  function edit( $id) {
    if ( $id = abs( (int)$id)) {  // simple check

      // data
      $dao = new dao\people;  // dao - data access object
      if ( $dto = $dao->getByID( $id)) {  // data transition object
        $this->data = (object)[
          'person' => $dto


        $this->load('edit');  // view

      else {
        print 'error .. not found';


    else {
      print 'error .. invalid';