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Considerable speed advantages are offered by enabling caching, but to enable this means all updates need to be done through the DAO methods - particularly Update

Caching is facilitated using APCu, Interfaced through

  • getByID - caches the object against a key created with the database-table-id
    • see getByID in _src/dao/dao.php
  • UpdateByID - flushes the specific cache object - efficient
    • see UpdateByID in _src/dao/dao.php
  • Update - flushes the entire cache - not efficient
    • see
    • Update in _src/dao/dao.php
    • Update in src/dvc/db.php
  1. Install APCu

    dnf install php-pecl-apcu
  2. matthiasmullie/scrapbook

    composer require matthiasmullie/scrapbook