Database Connections

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If you only require SQlite: create [application]/data/defaults.json as follows:

    "db_type" : "sqlite"

[application]/data/db.json is also valid for these settings

Automatic Generation

  • The JSOn method maybe automated at the address [server]/install/db, it creates a db.json in the [application]/data folder


  • Location of file : [application]/data
  • Name of File : db.json
  • Sample File:
    "db_name":"database name",
    "db_user":"user name",


note : this is only required if you DO NOT have the db.json, or which to overide the settings

  • Location of file : [application]/app/dvc
  • Name of File : config.php
  • Sample File:

    static $DB_TYPE = 'mysql';                  // effectively activates the default sql system
     * SQL Server database, username and passwords
    static $DB_HOST = 'localhost';
    static $DB_NAME = 'database name';
    static $DB_USER = 'user name';
    static $DB_PASS = 'password';