Structure | Controller | Pass data from controller to view

Sooner or later you are going to want to pass data from the controller to the view - that is what Model-View-Controller wants to do.

Modelling will produce the data - but to simplify for this example ..

The view will see the controller as $this, so to pass data conventionalize a variable to pass - data is the recommended variable (but only because you want to pass data - no other particular reason, and here, objects are passed, but it can be arrays)

class example extends Controller {
    function hello( $p1, $p2) {
        $this->data = (object)[
            'title' => 'My First Report',
            'res' => [
                (object)['name' => 'John'],
                (object)['name' => 'Frank'],
                (object)['name' => 'Barney'],






then the report.php can retrieve the data ...

    foreach ( $this->data->res as $rec ) {
        printf( '<div>%s</div>', $rec->name);